When a married woman is naughty, there's only one thing a husband can do - give her a panties down bare bottom spanking till she promises to behave! Wives of all ages need a good spanking from time to time and these husbands might have their hands full, but they're not complaining!
Dr.Smith was tired of having to scold his wife for her rudeness and bad manners with his patients at his in-home clinic. She would be rude and nasty and he was determined to nip THAT in the bud. How? By putting her across his lap and giving her a hard husband-to-wife spanking right there in front of all his patients. She kicked and struggled when he took down her panties, but that didn't stop him from giving her a blistering spanking right on the office couch. After being shamed and humiliated, do you think she'll do it again?
husbands spanking wives picture
husbands spanking wives picture
When Roger told his young wife he wanted dinner ready at six o'clock sharp, he wasn't kidding! And when he came home and found his pretty wife sitting on the couch watching her soap operas on the tv, he knew JUST what to do. He put her across his lap, pulled her panties right down and gave her a stinging spanking right on the bare bottom. A naughty young wife often needs to be disciplined and now Jennifer knows what it's like to be a spanked married woman....and Roger sure likes to keep her "tuned up" with a weekly marital spanking!
Henry was a VERY lucky man. He was married to a beautiful black woman named Shana and she sure knew how to take care of him in bed. The only problem was she spent money like crazy and he was always having to pick up her credit card bills. After a while he lost his patience and decided he had to do something. Down came her little blue panties and he spanked her delicious black bottom good and hard till she promised to stop spending cash like that. How many white husbands get to spank a black wife? Lucky bastard! Hearing her moan under a hard marital bare bottom spanking would be heaven, yes?
husbands spanking wives picture
husbands spanking wives picture
John loved his wife but she was constantly forgetting to pay the household bills and just recently the electricity got turned off right in the middle of his favorite football game on television. That was the last straw! He decied he had to give his pretty young wife a blistering bare bottom spanking and now was the time! She kicked and pleaded, but he bared her butt and began spanking her firm white ass cheeks again and again. Her cries of "Noooo! Please don't spank me!" echoed through the building and nearly awoke the old lady who lived below them. She called the manager to complain, but he only said "Never mind, it's just a husband spanking his wife again!"
Nelson and his wife Gloria were nudists, but that didn't stop him from grabbing his stiff brown leather belt and spanking her naughty bare bottom after she got caught jerking off one of the big black life guards at the nudist colony pool. He was quite cross and though she was his wife, he spanked her good and hard with that belt till her tearful pleading finally stopped his hand. He had been married once before and knew that when your wife misbehaves, the best thing to do is spank her right and proper! Married gals need to know that some stinging marital discipline is only seconds away!

Don't you think a man HAS the right to spank his wife when ever he thinks she's been bad?

These husbands SURE do!
husbands spanking wives picture

Bare Bottom Marital Discipline Is What These Naughty Married Women Need!

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