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Missy got up and asked where the bathroom was. I told her that she needed to learn self- control. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I ordered her to kneel and placed her little ass over my lap. She obeyed willingly as I pulled her skirt up and got ready to spank her. She was wearing white cotton panties which were dampening now. She pleaded to use the bathroom. I flattened my hand and brought it down hard against her buttocks. Missy winced as her firm cheeks reddened. My hand raised up and came down several more times. As the stinging pain increased, she squirmed around on my lap . My cock hardened. I slapped all over her buttocks until a few seconds later I felt the sticky wetness in my lap. I rubbed the piss onto her sore pink buttocks. I spanked her a few more times, slapping the wet spots. She tensed as the liquid burned her sensitive flesh.

Missy moaned like an animal. I felt her whole body tense up, as she covered my hand with piss. I splashed as much as possible over her buttocks and thighs, slapping constantly. I reached in between the sluts little legs and found her clit. I teased her until she spasmed and yelled out as she came over and over again. I wanted to taste her tangy juices . My tongue ran over her smooth sticky buttocks , tracing a wet path to her asshole. I licked her cheeks clean, my saliva eased the burning, and the redness started to disappear.

I pulled her cheeks apart and licked the moisture from between them. I inhaled deeply through my nose the smells of her excitement. I pushed her legs further apart and used my hands to spread open her twat. I fingered her wet cunt as she convulsed and moaned loudly.

" Do you want to cum again, you dirty little slut?"
"Ohhhh yes."
"Then get down on your knees and lick my nuts!"
Missy got down in front of me and put my balls in her mouth.
" Do you want a face full of cum?"
" Ohh yes, please let me taste your cum!!"
" Suck my cock and do it right or I'll redden your ass with another spanking you won't soon forget!"

Missy went to work, sucking, nibbling, and doing everything in her power to give me the best blow job of my life. Her mouth danced across my cock, slurping my juice. It wasn't long before spunk shot out all over her slut face. She licked it from her fingers .

She pissed on the carpet.

I ordered her to clean it up. She stood to get the towels. Her ass was still red. I slapped it as she walked past as she winced. This made me hungry for more and I grabbed her over my lap and pinned her arm back as I slapped her ass over and over. She was crying but I could feel her cunt become increasingly slippery and she ground her pelvis against my cock, which was coming back to life with each sharp slapping sound.

When I was fully hard again, I stuck my cock into her cunt and spanked and fucked her at the same time. She was wild for it! She came over and over, her juices flowing down my legs. My cock exploded adding to the mess. I ordered her to clean it up with her tongue. I watched her busily suck up my cum mixed with her cunt juices.

She was so fun to punish. I hoped for another " accident" as I watched her ass.


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